Art Therapy

Art Therapy services are provided by Hillery Jones, LPC and Art Therapist.


Why Art Therapy?

Many individuals on the spectrum struggle with self-expression and relationships. The nonverbal structure and therapeutic relationship developed in Art Therapy can be a natural fit. The art-making component provides a nonverbal form of communication, sensory integration, self-expression, and promotes cognition/emotional development. The intimate nature of the therapeutic relationship can help clients develop a healthy and safe attachment to the therapist.

Session Offerings

Individual Session ($135.00 per hour session)

The Stewart Center is currently accepting new art therapy clients.

Individually tailored to your child’s needs. The child will lead the Art Therapist to what art materials naturally pique his or her interest. The Art Therapist will create a treatment plan that includes goals and objectives. Parents will be active participants in the therapeutic process.


Group Sessions ($80.00 per hour session)

Each group is based on a common goal. Members will be placed according to similar developmental and emotional needs. There is a big social and communication aspect to every group. Many individuals diagnosed with ASD are visual thinkers. Artwork can facilitate forming connections with peers because it offers a concrete way to see another’s perspective.

There will be a $10.00 fee for art materials.

Meet Hillery

Hillery Jones is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Art Therapist. Her passion is in using the creative process to help children, adolescents, and adults gain a deeper sense of self-awareness. Her approach is client-led, practical, holistic, and adaptable in everyday life. She integrates a kinesthetic learning component of connecting mind and body to her practice. She uses traditional talk therapy and art therapy to meet the unique needs of each individual. Her ultimate goal is to provide clients with the tools needed to be the best version of themselves.

Hillery received her B.A. in Art Education from Lamar University and her M.A. Art Therapy Counseling from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. She has worked in school, hospital, residential, and out-patient settings.

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