Picky Eaters

Our Food Group, also known as the "Picky Eaters" Group, is run by Ken Montfort, MA, with support from doctoral interns and high-level trainees, and uses the SOS Approach to Feeding® method to change the ways children interact with food. The ultimate goal of this group is to increase the variety of foods that the child will tolerate.  It accomplishes this goal by changing the way children interact with food, making silly and playful interactions that encourage the child to move up the “Steps to Feeding.” Using the psychological technique of systematic desensitization, children become increasingly comfortable interacting with food and become less resistant to new foods. Be warned, however, children in this group WILL learn to play with their food!


Who is Eligible to Attend: Children ages 5 and up


Cost: $80 per hour session plus a $10 materials fee to cover the cost of food and supplies.

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