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Lego Group


LEGO-based Therapy is a skill-building approach that focuses on social interaction and the development of age-appropriate peer relationships. By working together toward a task, such as building a specific Lego set, participants are able to experience collaboration, conflict resolution, negotiation, shared goals, joint accomplishment, social communication and mutual respect. This group runs continuously, and a one-month commitment is required.


Who is Eligible to Attend: ¬This group is for children in kindergarten through middle school. Knowledge of basic social skills (turn-taking) is required. ¬The ability to follow verbal instructions, keep Legos out of the mouth and maintain safety of self and others even when stressed is required. This group is for “fine-tuning” and reinforcing social development.


Cost: $80 per hour session plus a fee of $25 to cover the cost of Legos and other materials each semester.

Managing Anxiety for Children with ASD & Related Diagnoses


Does your child worry about grades and homework, have obsessive-compulsive tendencies, a difficult time separating from parents, have trouble sleeping alone and/or get stomach aches, headaches or digestive problems related to stress? If so, the Managing Anxiety group can help. Sessions will run for 8 to 10 weeks. There will be two mandatory parent meetings to help parents learn how to facilitate the generalization of these cognitive-behavioral skills to the home environment.


Who is Eligible to Attend: This group is for children in first grade through high school. Children will be grouped by age and ability.


Cost: $80 per hour session

Food Group


Our Food Group is run by Ken Montfort, MA, with support from doctoral interns and high-level trainees, and uses the SOS Approach to Feeding® method to change the ways children interact with food. The ultimate goal of this group is to increase the variety of foods that the child will tolerate.  It accomplishes this goal by changing the way children interact with food, making silly and playful interactions that encourage the child to move up the “Steps to Feeding.” Using the psychological technique of systematic desensitization, children become increasingly comfortable interacting with food and become less resistant to new foods. Be warned, however, children in this group WILL learn to play with their food!


Who is Eligible to Attend: Children ages 5 and up


Cost: $80 per hour session plus a $25 materials fee to cover the cost of food and supplies.

Quality of Life - Safety, Social Skills and Maturing in Today's Society


This group is run by Michelle Garcia, PsyD, who developed this Quality of Life (QoL) curriculum exclusively for teaching individuals with ASD social skills, safety information, and coping skills related to becoming mature members of society. This group provides a special focus on the topics that many people tend to avoid, such as puberty, sexuality, and intimacy, and it is best suited for our older students (Middle School).


Who is Eligible to Attend: Children in 4th grade and up


Cost: Please contact us for current pricing for this group.

Sibling Support Group


With the magnitude of demands placed on special needs families, siblings of children with neurodevelopmental disorders often feel overlooked and in need of emotional support. In the sibling support group, we will discuss each child’s needs and give them strategies to cope with their feelings. Groups will run for 6 to 8 weeks.


Who is Eligible to Attend: Siblings who are ages 5 and up


Cost: $80 per hour session. These groups will be held in the evenings based on the group’s availability. 

Social Groups


Social Groups are informed by the Social Thinking ® curriculum and focus on collaborative play, shared space, cooperation and negotiation, emotional management and executive functioning. Groups involve discussion, role playing and engaging in social activities such as conversation, playing games and perspective taking. 


Who is Eligible to Attend: This group is for children in kindergarten through middle school who have minimal challenging behavior and have expressive language for conversing with others.


Cost: $80 per hour session or $40 per half-hour session

Executive Functioning Group for Children with ASD and/or ADHD


Does your child lose things, struggle to retrieve two or three items from his or her bedroom when asked, have difficulty shifting from one idea or activity to another, or have big reactions to little problems? Children with ASD and/or ADHD often struggle with executive skills such as organization, planning, completing tasks, shifting ideas, and thinking flexibly. This group helps children build flexibility, planning, and goal-setting skills. Lessons and activities are informed by the evidence-based curriculum, Unstuck and On Target developed for children with ASD. The group is also effective for those with ADHD or other conditions impacting executive skills.


Who is Eligible to Attend? Children from the ages of first grade to high school who struggle with executive functioning skills. Reading and writing skills are required to complete activities in this group.


Cost: $80 per hour session

Mindfulness Group for Children with ASD and/or ADHD


Mindfulness has been shown to be effective for increasing attention, emotional regulation and behavioral regulation. It helps calm and reduce stress and increases overall awareness and coping skills. In the mindfulness group for children, we will use a fun approach to learning skills and strategies for active engagement in their environments. We will also discuss strategies for coping “in the moment” with stress in difficult situations. Long-term mindfulness practices help create thoughtfulness and decrease impulsivity in children and adults.


Who is Eligible to Attend: This group is for children in kindergarten through middle school who have minimal challenging behavior and have expressive language.


Cost: $80 per hour session or $40 per half-hour session


PAWS - Partnering Animals with Success


Our PAWS program is co-run by Natalie Montfort, PhD, and Gordon Zentz, who is the founder of the PAWS program.  Using interactions with dogs of various sizes, personalities, and temperaments, students learn how to “read” the signs they’re getting from their “partner” and adjust their behavior accordingly.  Not only do the kids love the opportunity to interact with the animals, but it provides practical, real-time training on the nuances of social skills that are often overlooked in formal social skills training programs.


Who is Eligible to Attend: This group is for children in kindergarten through middle school who have minimal challenging behavior.


Cost: $80 per hour session

Art Therapy


Art therapy consists of therapeutic sessions facilitated by our licensed Art Therapist focusing on the creative process with the main goal of self expression.


Cost: Individual session $135 per hour; Group session $80 per hour plus one-time $25 materials fee