Speech and Language Therapy is available on campus by highly trained, certified speech-language pathologists (SLPs) that understand the needs of children with neuro-developmental disorders.

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About Us

The Stewart Center offers speech therapy with highly-trained, registered Speech-Language Pathologists.

Student needs are formally assessed and individualized goals are created for each client. Our SLPs provide skilled intervention, utilizing current, researched-based approaches to assist with the following:

·        Oral language comprehension

·        Oral language production

·        Articulation/Phonology

·        Childhood apraxia of speech

·        Written language comprehension

·        Written language production

·        Social communication (pragmatics)

·        Fluency

·        Voice

·        Feeding aversion

·        Swallowing

Individual and partnered sessions are available. Reports and daily progress notes are provided for families that would like to submit to their insurance companies for potential reimbursement. 

For The Westview School students, The Stewart Center is able to provide a one-on-one clinic model for pull out-services throughout the school day or after school with the added benefit of teacher, staff and family involvement. This collaborative approach to therapy encompasses the whole child and facilitates true growth.


All families seeking speech therapy for their child are required to provide or schedule an initial assessment in the area of speech therapy. Speech therapy may not be recommended or initiated without first completing an assessment. Assessments are generally completed on a yearly basis, but may be recommended more or less frequently by your Speech-Language Pathologist.  They are needed to determine continued need for speech therapy, to develop and adjust goals, and/or to provide recommendations as needed. It is important to monitor progress and adapt a plan of treatment to best meet the changing needs of your child. The Speech-Language Pathologist will provide results for the parent to review. If you have questions, your child’s Speech-Language Pathologist will be happy to address them with you.


The Stewart Center will accept any outside speech-language assessments that are completed by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, provide adequate data with which to develop a treatment plan/goals, and are completed within one year of the date speech therapy services are to begin. In accordance with best practices, assessment data drives therapy goals to most effectively meet the needs of your child. Therefore, it is important that we have thorough and detailed assessment data prior to initiating speech therapy. If an outside speech-language assessment is provided that does not include sufficient information to develop an informed treatment plan and goals or does not represent the current functioning of your child, we may ask for additional testing.



After reviewing an assessment, the Speech-Language Pathologist will utilize the current assessment to determine appropriate goals to target during therapy. Therapy goals are determined by factors included, but not limited to, the following: developmental milestones, areas that will improve social/academic success, functional goals to access curriculum, goals to improve social skills across a variety of environments, goals to improve expressive or receptive language skills, and goals to improve feeding/swallowing difficulties.


Speech therapy can be provided in a variety of settings, and each setting is unique in how and where therapy is recommended or implemented. Therapy can differ based on the organization providing the service, the age of the child, the developmental level of the child, the specific speech and language concerns (i.e., articulation vs. social skills), the severity of the speech and language concerns, the child’s temperament, the child’s learning style, and the child’s Speech Therapist.


The Stewart Center provides speech therapy utilizing a clinical model; however, our model maintains a close connection with the school model and encourages collaboration amongst parents, teachers, and other staff members that can support the carryover and generalization of speech and language skills.


Meet The Team

Ali O'Donnell, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathology Clinical Fellow

Jackie Casper, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

I received my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Speech Pathology from Baylor University in 2011. I completed my graduate externship placements in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital and stroke unit; treating patients with cognitive, feeding, and swallowing difficulties. In addition, my graduate externship practice also included a school setting, clinical setting and research in literacy milestones within the Bilingual population. I also have out of graduate experience in language and literacy, adult inpatient rehabilitation/stroke unit and Bilingual language delays. My professional experiences have been in hospital and clinical settings based in Texas. My areas of interest include continuing to further knowledge in evidence-based, effective and efficient strategies to empower and equip families to develop and increase their child’s highest communication potential. My specialized continuing education training includes: Social Thinking ®and Hanen® More Than Words® approach.

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